Background of Our Lifeguard Family

Our company lifeguard trainers have attained the necessary local certification to be able to train our lifeguards and to provide continuous training for them.

On top of that, our trainers have attended and attained American Red Cross Lifeguard Instructor certification.

This is because we believe in providing our lifeguards with a wide range of lifesaving skills, knowledge and practical experience. This is so that they are able to perform their duties and to react with confidence should any situation arises.

With the above, we are proud to be the first local company to be able to train lifeguards towards Singapore national standards of lifeguarding as well as American national standards.

Our Trainers

Our professional lifesaving trainers are certified both locally and internationally.

Lifeguard Trainer Raymond
Lifeguard Trainer Raymond
Lifeguard Trainer Jason
Lifeguard Trainer Jason
Lifeguard Trainer Kenneth
Lifeguard Trainer Kenneth
Our Belief
We believe that prevention is better than cure. Hence, the purpose of setting up our lifeguard arm of business is to educate the general public on water safety and promote lifesaving skills and knowledge to all ages.Step 1: Education We do Basic Life Saving and Water Safety presentation.Step 2: Courses We offer Various Life Saving Programme for domestic helper, school teacher, security guard, pool operator and professional lifeguard certification by Americian Red Cross and Singapore Lifesaving Society.

Step 3: Services We provide professional lifeguard to various aquatic environment. From pool party to daily lifeguard duties. From hotel pool to triathlon events.



To Save lives by improving the quality and accessibility of health and safety program to the public.

Company’s Portflio

Events and Projects

  1. Singapore Swimming Association Open Water Training 2011
  2. Park Infinia (Private Condominium)
  3. MILO – MOE Youth Triathlon 2012
  4. Canadian International School (Lakeside Campus)
  5. Terror Club (U.S. Navy All-Hands Club)
  6. Carnival of Nations 2013 at Canadian International School (Lakeside Campus)
  7. Singapore Polo Club
  8. MILO Youth Triathlon Clinic 2013
  9. Tri-Factor Swim Clinic 2013
  10. Lycee Francais de Singapour (French School)
  11. Singapore Sports Hub
  12. And a handful of well-established 5-Star Hotels in Singapore