Our Professional Lifeguards are both International and Locally Trained


Here at Singapore Asia Lifeguards, we put a lot of emphasis on customer service excellence. Providing our clients and the public with what they need is of utmost importance.

We offer various programs and courses set to educate the public on water safety, as a form of value-added service. Creating awareness and imparting water safety skills to the masses have been one of our many purposes.
Besides this, all staff and crew of Swim Concierge Lifeguards, undergo constant training and courses to continually upgrade and update themselves with not just local, but overseas syllabuses. It is therefore safe to say, that all our lifeguards are professionally trained, and are also equipped with the necessary, relevant knowledge and skills needed to perform on the ground.

To ensure that these skill-sets are kept polished and proficient, a lifesaving program is being conducted weekly to warrant these lifesaving techniques, and to also keep our lifeguards physically fit for duty.

Summarising the above, as a service provider your image is our priority. We strive to provide:

  1. We are customer-centric, therefore, we customize our service base on your pool specification and the pool daily usage to provide swimmer the safest environment to swim.
  2. We offer various programs and services to educate the public on water safety as our value added service
  3. We are constantly updating ourselves with courses not just locally but from overseas as well, given that our lifeguards are all professionally trained and equipped with the relevant skills and knowledge needed to perform on the ground.
  4. Every week we will have lifesaving program on going to ensure our lifeguard are staying fit and lifesaving technique are not forgotten.

Long Term Service

  1. Terror Club (U.S. Navy All-Hands Club)
  2. Canadian International School (Lakeside Campus)
  3. Park Infinia (Private Condominium)
  4. Singapore Polo Club
  5. Lycee Francais de Singapour (French School)
  6. Singapore Sports Hub
  7. And a handful of well-established 5-Star Hotels in Singapore


  1. Carnival of Nations 2013 at Canadian International School (Lakeside Campus)
  2. Water Safety Presentation
  3. One-day Event

Open Water

  1. Singapore Swimming Association Open Water Training 2011
  2. MILO – MOE Youth Triathlon 2012
  3. MILO Triathlon Swim Clinic 2013
  4. Tri-Factor Swim Clinic 2013