Lifeguard Training

The Award of Merit allows Bronze Medallion awardees to further hone in and improve the skill-set that they have picked up and learnt from the previous course.

If you like to challenge yourself, do not hesitate to pick up this course.

Not to forget, this is also a pre-requisite to lifesaving instructor and teachers course.

Participants will be taught knowledge on:

  • Water Safety
  • Survival in Water
  • Rescue Principles
  • Emergency Aftercare


CourseAimSkills learnt
Award of MeritTo establish a higher level of knowledge understanding and practical ability in aquatic rescue situations.
  • Singapore Lifesaving Soceity’s Senior Resuscitation Award
  • Rescue Fitness
  • Contact Tow
  • Resuscitation Rescue
  • Swim 600m in Front Crawl, Breaststroke, Survival Backstroke and Sidestroke, per cycle, for 3 cycles.


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