Basic Water Rescue

Drowning Prevention, everybody has a part to play

The Basic Water Rescue course provides candidates with the necessary knowledge and skills needed to both prevent and respond to all sorts of aquatic emergencies. Besides accurate recognition of an emergency, candidates will also be taught how to correctly protect themselves in these situations.

However, having said that, candidates who have passed this course will unfortunately not be able to perform lifeguarding duties at swimming pools or beaches. If candidates are interested in pursuing a career as a lifesaver, they can read more about the various courses available in that aspect here.

Here at Swim Concierge Lifeguards, we offer Basic Water Rescue courses from various renowned institutions.
The courses are as follows:

  1. Basic Water Rescue – American Red Cross
  2. Basic Lifesaving – Singapore Lifesaving Society
  3. Basic Lifesaving 1 – Singapore Lifesaving Society
  4. TBasic Lifesaving 2 – Singapore Lifesaving Society

The courses above is helpful to the following personnel:

  • Police officers, Firefighters and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) personnel
  • Parents or other individuals who care for children.
  • Camp personnel and trip leaders.
  • Daycare workers
  • Clubs and organizations engaging in water activities
  • Water fitness instructors, aquatic therapists, aquatic rehabilitation specialists and anyone else involved in water activities for recreation and health.
  • Individuals who work on or around the water, such as industrial workers, marina staff, concession staff and water-based ride attendants at amusement parks.

*Note: The above-mentioned courses mostly covers land-based, non-contact rescues.